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About the Gunsmith Kari Laurila

I made my career in the Finnish Defence Forces, basically I have been working with all kinds of guns all my adult life. I trained as a gunsmith and got to work with all kinds of military weapons. I was then hired by a gun importer Juhani Sinisalo Oy between 1990-2010. I have had my own business ever since.

I am particularly interested in older guns, they often challenge me to make the spare parts myself, as very often the parts simply are not available. Quite often I get my hands on some really nice artisan masterpieces, such as Purdey or Holland & Holland – they too, need care and maintenance from time to time.

To keep my self up-to-date on development, I am a regular guest at the largest gun fair in Europe the German IWA – and I´ve also been trained by Benelli, Walther, Hämmerli, Steyr, Verney-Garron and Glock.

I also hunt birds and hoofed game animals, so I know what to recommend my clients when it comes to a rifle scope especially designed for drive hunting or what the latest design of silencers looks like – and I am very likely to have them available, too. It´s not only the equipment and the gadgets, it´s how they are mounted to make sure they perform perfectly.

I also enjoy anything militaria, I am a bit of collector – so estates with guns and other militaria stuff is close to my heart – I am often called to estimate their value. I am also authorized to deactivate guns, should you wish to keep them to remind you of special someone.


Gunsmith Marko Lehto

“All things metal”, that could be his motto. He is a qualified welder and gunsmith artisan (2017). Typical for anyone working with guns, he hunts and is also part of the furniture when it comes to camps for kids interested in hunting, organized by the Finnish Hunters´ Association.

Marko is also interested in gun fitting; adjustable stocks and restoring the woodwork in guns. Why not have the entire gun serviced, the barrels re-blued and the firing mechanism checked and cleaned? An upgrade to make sure your gun will be at your service safe and reliable for many years to come!